About Robert Gillings

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Robert Gillings is known as a award winning writer, producer, actor, architectural designer, philosopher and financial consultant. He is the Founder and president of Robert Gillings Consultants and Robert Gillings Productions.

Robert Gilling’s is also an active member in show business, and he appreciates the importance of mentor-ship and community. Explaining why Robert Gillings is so quick to offer advice and opinions on all things related to his areas of expertise. Whether it’s acting, directing, or financial advice – Robert Gillings is always trying to better his fans,readers and most importantly; his family.

Robert Gillings Work:

  • Designer of Official Entry to the World Trade Center Site Memorial Competition, where his architecture design was displayed in various New York Art Galleries.
  • Wrote and produced and acted in the film The Kings of Brooklyn.
    The film won the “Audience Award “Best Featured Film at the 2004 Brooklyn Film Festival.
  • Garnered Honorable Mention, Best Feature film at the New York Film and Video Festival 2002. View Robert Gillings IMDB page.
  • Wrote the Screenplay, “My Darling” Currently listed on INDB database as in development through Tadross Media Group. Based and inspired of the events and experiences of his actual 9 year divorce proceedings, and two year Trial. Robert Gillings represented himself (Pro-Se) and won Sole Legal Custody of his children this against his then wife’s high priced Garden City Attorney. , this after his then wife had him falsely arrested for a domestic violence crime that was dismissed after trial, and the Court ordering the father to be put on Supervised visitation with his children as a result of an unfounded accusation. His motivation to write his story was to, what he believed to expose a flawed divorce system, a script already described as a modern day, “Kramer vs. Kramer”.
  • Children’s Advocate. Robert Gillings created a Facebook page. “Robert Gillings children of divorcing parents Advocate”, to introduce an open forum for helping all get through this most difficult time.
  • Robert Gillings created a Facebook page “Divorced and now what” to have a forum for newly divorces for conversations and support.
  • Robert Gillings wrote and will be making his Directorial debut later this year in his written Sequel, “Fright Fest Too” to his featured horror film, “Fright Fest” that he wrote and produced and acted in is being released this Halloween.
  • Executive Producer for the feature film, “The Hotel Manor Inn” Distributed by Troma Pictures. Premiered on Robert Redford’s Sundance Channel.