Top 4 Tips for New Film Directors

Top 4 Tips for New Film Directors

Whether you’re a new director or you just want to increase your skills, you might find this article useful, as it goes through important tips for new directors.

1. Pick your filming team carefully.
You’ll be spending the majority of your time with these people, so choose wisely. There will be times when you skip lunch, didn’t sleep, or if things aren’t going the way you planned. Think long and hard before picking your team. If things are tense, the last thing you want is to work with people who aren’t reliable, or annoy you. Pick members who make you feel comfortable, because until your project is finished, these people will practically feel like family. Not all families get along. Chemistry is important and so is feeling reassured that things will go smoothly. Without a reliable team that you can call family, chances are you’ll be less likely to create something magical.

2. Pick an image that solely represents each scene.
Depending on the content of the scene, you’ll need to pick the best shot. If it’s a dramatic scene, you’ll need to place your actors, props, lighting, and cameras strategically to achieve the message of each scene. If you aren’t careful about the way the scene and the scene’s message is portrayed, the entire film will send mixed messages to your viewers.

3. Recognize the backbone of your film.
This will make filming easier and more than anything, this will encourage you to make decisions more confidently. You’ll need to know how the set will look, what the actors should wear, what props need to be used for every scene, etc. This will ultimately set the overall tone of the movie and if executed properly, it will match up flawlessly with the message of the movie. The more you know about your project, the more confident you will be in making decisions.

4. Make sure your actors understand their character.
Their work is as confident as they are in their own skin. If they have struggles with building unique traits for their character, they will not be confident at all. They should not only understand their character, but they need to feel confident long before shooting scenes. The more you help with their character, the better their acting will be when shooting takes place and thus, the less stress overall on the set.

There you have the four most important tips for new directors or directors struggling with their work. Hope this is helpful!

Robert Gillings is an award winning writer, producer, actor architectural designer, philosopher and financial consultant

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