robert gillings how to market yourself as an actor in 2017

How To Best Market Yourself As An Actor in 2017

Here are some helpful pointers in marketing yourself as an actor in 2017.


There is no traditional acting marketing tool more important than the headshot. Without a headshot, casting directors have to use their memories or the Polaroid that they took of you before the audition to recall what you look like. The utility of the headshot is that you can decide what your best look is and make it part of your brand.

When getting your headshot done, know your purpose for the headshot. Are you looking for film work or for theatre work? The type of headshots you choose to take will vary depending on what your end-goal is. There is also a difference between New York City headshot photography and Los Angeles headshot photography, so make certain you’re getting the images you need for the kind of work you want to be doing.

robert gillings how to market yourself as an actor

Have A Website And Keep It Up-To-Date

In the modern age of acting marketing there is no more important tool than your personal website. Above your phone number, before your email address, none are more important than your website. This is proof to casting directors that you are serious about the craft and that you’re not some weekender taking up their precious time.

The website doesn’t have to be fancy (and thereby expensive). It can be nothing more than your resume, and some other examples of your headshot and various looks. If you have a reel, you can post it to your website.

This gives casting directors access to materials that you simply cannot bring with you to the audition (more than one headshot on your resume looks tacky and CDs/DVDs will NEVER make it into a player). Having an up-to-date website gives casting directors the option of exploring more about you without being bogged down by superfluous materials.

Audition For Everything

Above all else, nothing will do more for your brand than simply getting your face out there. There is no better way to do this than actually auditioning. Here’s why this is important.

Auditions are different than performance – it is an odd little song-and-dance that does not really showcase your skills. Auditioning is an art in and of itself, and the greatest thing you can do for yourself is portray a sense of calm in the audition. The only way to do this is to actively audition, as often as you can.

Doing this also allows networking opportunities, even if you’re not right for THAT role, when casting directors get to see you regularly, you are more likely to get a spot in something you ARE right for. You can also get to know other actors, which will open up workshops and other auditions up to you. Also, you can take a look at their resumes and learn tricks of the trade you may not have encountered, and save yourself the growing pains of finding out on your own.

Robert Gillings is an award winning writer, producer, actor architectural designer, philosopher and financial consultant.

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