5 Tips for Becoming a More Transcendent Actor

5 Tips for Becoming a More Transcending Actor

Here are my tips on how to become a believable actor and really transform yourself into a role.

From Broadway to Netflix, there have never been so many opportunities for actors to shine in the limelight. That being said there have never been so many would be Thespians vying for roles in human history. In order to stand out and succeed as an actor in today’s world, you should cherish every acting opportunity that comes your way. You never know which performance may turn out to be your big break or literally break your budding career before it can get off the ground. Below is a list of 5 tips for becoming the transcendent actor you were born to be!

1) Know the script

This may sound like a no-brainer but actors trying to improvise without permission is more common than you think. You should know the script like the back of your hand, and be able to recite them without taking up time to recall them. They should be second nature to you. It’s recommended to read through the entire script several times or at least until you are comfortable. Another obvious way to learn the script is to show up to all rehearsals and readings.

2) Commit to your role

Whether you’re playing a movie role or in a local community theater production, it is critical to fully commit or submit to your role. In other words, you should put yourself in the shoes of the character and literally become the character. Examine how you would feel if you were under the same circumstances as the character. Once you have done this, make the emotions visible through your body language.

3) Know what drives your character

You should understand what motivates your character and what he desires. This is gained through studying the script diligently. It may be helpful to talk to the director for clarity. Truly listen to his or her advice, then apply it to your performance.

4) Understand the subtext in your lines

Subtext is the underlying meaning of the scene hidden beneath the dialogue. Understanding the subtext in your lines provides you the opportunity to the apply the appropriate levels of energy, emotion, and emphasis on your lines.

5) Learn to manage stress

Too often actors and actresses will build up stress frequently caused by spotlight pressure. It is critical that you properly manage your stress because stress is outwardly expressed in body language and therefore can take a toll on the entire performance. Stress can also affect your physical appearance, making it more difficult for you to look the part. To prevent stress you should take the time to understand what calms you. Stress relievers could be as simple as listening to music before a performance, breathing deeply, or ignoring the audience.

Hopefully you found the above advice useful, but please note that it is only taste of the huge amount of information available on improving your acting craft. So give it your all, hopefully someday I’ll be watching you on the big screen!

Robert Gillings is known as a award winning writer, producer, and actor in New York.

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